AuthorTopic: CFA Exam 3rd June 07 postponed or what?
@2007-05-22 06:27:30
I have received a mail from CFA institute today, that they are facing some problems with AICTE in India. and in that mail they have asked to consider 3 options -
1. Deffer the exam
2. Wait and watch, if the problem clears up then we can go ahead and take the exam.
3. Take the exam from anyother country (Srilanka, Nepal, etc.)

What i would like to know is that, have all the people taking the exam from India have received a mail like this from CFA institute. Kindly verify.
@2007-05-22 23:18:15
Take a look at this letter from CFAI:

CFA Discussion Topic: CFA Exam 3rd June 07 postponed or what?

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Craig Baugh