AuthorTopic: CFA exam day is coming!
@2019-06-12 09:30:31
Good day every one: exam is almost here. First timer!

The least of my troubles should be that I am all prepared for the exam only to forget something!!!

What do I need to walk with on exam day for level1? backpacks allowed?

For QM - are the t, z, F distribution tables provided? or do i need to remember them?
@2019-06-15 02:43:31
No tables are provided. Generally backpacks are left in a separate room. Check the CFA website for official rules.

Water bottles are allowed inside the exam room. They will have lots of water jugs prepared nearby the exam desks.
@2019-06-26 21:56:32
I also have a few questions:

- do all levels write the exams in the same room? or it is segregated?

- exam starts at 9 and i'm supposed to be there at 8 - can i eat shortly before 9 and go to bathroom ? or from 8 i'll have to sit and listen to instructions?

- are Chewing gums allowed? I want to have my nicotine gums with me!

- will our names be printed on the test answer sheet? since no pens are allowed for LV1.

- will we be provided with sketching papers or can we only make sketches in the exam question papers?

- could you go to the toilet after register and before start the exam? XD At 8.30 to be fully empty

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