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@2017-11-22 18:13:04
I am planning to register for the June L1 exam and need some prep advice. I have a finance degree but have been out of school for 10 years in a retail financial sales position. I was given AnalystNotes' CFA Study Notes 2015 by a friend.

What would be the best course of study given my situation and the time I should receive and start studying the new 2018 materials? Thanks and good luck to all.
@2017-12-07 11:38:12
2015 Materials will not work for 2018 as lot has changed in the curriculum.

I would start early like at least Oct/Nov and keep chugging along until June L1 exam.

Start with subjects you have never dealt with from the CFAI textbook (if you have time) and the rest should be more than enough......

Practice lots off questions from this web site once u finish studying all the subjects...( by april end)

Start solving analystnotes mock exams and CFAI mock exams in May....

This should be more than enough for you to clear the exam.

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