AuthorTopic: CFA for a non finance background
@2010-02-06 06:16:59
Hey guys,

I am new to this forum. I plan to take the CFA L1 in this dec. I am planning to switch from tech to finance background.

Can some one answer my questions please?

- By when should i register fr the exam?
- Which notes should i buy?
- Are the notes extremely costly?
- Are there some study material that i can download for free?
- Do i have to buy any other text books?

Thanks a lot!!!
@2010-02-07 09:04:45
you should register now so you can get the textbook as soon as possible to start studying and prepare for the exam. I have just registered for the level 1 dec 2010. got the books in 3 days. Let's study together and support each other ya=)
@2010-03-26 09:27:59
Please let me know if you are planning to form a study group. i am also planning for Level 1 in Dec 2010
@2010-03-28 10:09:28
Deepali have you registered yourself for Dec 2010 examination
@2010-04-13 04:43:40
Hi jasmine.
which test location u selected.
because i am seeing that no test center in india for dec2010 level i.

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