AuthorTopic: CFA for an undergrade should I take the exam?
@2020-01-14 20:52:19
I am currently a senior about to complete my undergrad Finance program at a business school in Rhode Island. My finance GPA is around a 3.7 but my cumulative is around 3.2. I manage money as an analyst for our school’s investment fund and have had a few internships in accounting/financial planning. I am unsure if I have the discipline as I am not sure if I would even pass even if I put the time in. Need some motivational success stories to start me on my journey.

Should be a fun run these next few years, thanks for your replies in advance.
@2020-01-22 08:50:05
CFA is a life-style and career choice. It is really hard to be motivated externally (by few success stories). Take the test.
@2020-01-24 09:45:23
My advice for you is to ditch the whole "I'm passionate about this and want to study it because everything is so interesting" attitude. Because trust me, ain't jack sht that’s fun about intercorporate investments, or auto-regressive conditional heteroskedasticity. Be real with yourself that you're trying to chase a fat paycheck or get an ego boost by passing the hardest exams on wall st.
@2020-02-03 20:55:05
My OP you quoted was a nice way of me writing that I have a passion for money. But "it's so interesting" is not my attitude. I hate school and always have, but studying how to make money (finance) always kept me around/brought me to want to pursue this certification. What attitude would you suggest in replacement?

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt