AuthorTopic: CFA for IT Profession with only 6 months in an Investment bank
@2007-04-24 20:26:01
I am currently a software application developer/IT Consultant, for the past 12
years working with Microsoft Technologies working in the US.

I worked for a brief period(6 months) as an IT consultant with UBS, Stamford.

I would like to go back into the finance industry as a software
professional with a sound business knowledge.

a) I do not have the requisite experience of 4 years that you mention
on the CFAinstitute Web site. All my experience are Programming and Technolory related. Can i join the CFA program??

My current educational qualification( Bachleor degree in science(India)
+ Graduate of National Institute of Information Technology(India) + A
number of Microsoft and other Certifications.

I have around 12 years of experience as software developer.

b) From the propective of a Information Technology professional, I
would like to be adviced more on what are my career prospects after
all the levels(I,II,III) exams. Will i be able to give the Level III exams??

c) What would be your advice for somebody regarding CFA exam(Level 1) preparation for a person who has the least of any Financial Background??



@2007-04-25 17:31:01
I will try to answer to best of my knowledge
a) You can take the exams but require experience for the charter. Hopefully BSc + Education at NIIT will count towards US bachelor's degree equivalent. Experience in IT industry doesn't count towards CFA experience.
b) After passing atleast couple of exams you should easily get an IT based job in financial industry. After showing your financial prowess you can move into more financial role. If you want a portfolio mgr role it might still be a struggle due to lack of exp.
c) Study hard and try taking classes. it is not easy without prior knowledge.
@2007-04-26 21:49:34
Thanks thinkB. Your advise was useful.
@2007-05-01 04:28:46
it will be long journey for u tho ,but keep in mind the salary difference u r expecting from change if its not big then leave it, if it ia a matter do it , nd have regular coaching classes.

@2009-10-11 11:20:32
I'm also BS in IT. I passed Level I last year, now struggling for Level II. It took cc. 500 hours to prepare for I (i had some prior knowledge in finance), but didn't work at the time. Now I'm working (in IT), i'm not confident about passing II (spent less then 250 h).
I have an offer to start as entry level PM in Slovenia/Serbia.

good luck
@2009-12-03 09:07:44
I am on the same boat.
I am major in software development, have done accounting data integration, loan management system and working on Portfolio Management System development with ERP elements.
I took and passed Level I exam last year to solidify my finance background on my resume.
I don't expect to be a fund or portfolio manager in long run, but like to stay as IT/Software in Financial Section.
I am going to take Level II exam 2010 June too.

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