AuthorTopic: CFA for nonfinance?
@2017-06-15 11:14:03

I am a computer engineer and doing my MBA in finance. Currently I am working for one of the biggest banks in Germany. I am in support team of creadit risk calculation engines.

I am thinking of doing CFA as well but i have two questions. Can anyone take the CFA certificate(if you pass all 3 exams) or is it also job dependent?
I am not doing any financial thing. I am only supporting the financial team on IT site at the moment.

How is the chance to get a career path in investment banking?
@2017-07-05 07:30:31
Well I wouls say youve got a better chance than me Ive been in engineering for past 4 years.Im sitting for Dec CFA level1 exam.Comparing both our situations youve gt a better shot than me to enter finace side :-)

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