AuthorTopic: CFA, FRM, PRM who is hardcore?
@2015-10-29 01:12:47
Hi. Obviously, everyone here is hardcore CFA candidates. Is anyone also pursuing FRM (Financial Risk Manager) or PRM (Professional Risk Manager) certification? What is the bloody difference between these certifications?

How much street credit do each have, especially FRM?
regards, Insanely Confused
@2015-11-12 10:34:09
Analysts and portfolio managers for example should take CFA, risk managers should take frm or prm.
@2015-11-19 01:45:24
I c this is an old post. Did you find an answer to this somewhere. Can you share those opinions here.

@2015-11-29 21:41:13
A buddy of mine in Denver is taking the FRM exam this fall. I was teasing him and told him that if were a real stud, he'd be taking the CFA exam. Kidding aside, I've heard of FRM but know very little about it. From what my buddy was saying, I think it is viewed as more narrow in scope than the CFA is. All I know is, when I finally get through this thing, I'm done with adding acronyms after my name. Of course, I say that now. Watch, in 10 years I'll lose my mind (or be accused of it by my wife) and go for a PhD or something!
@2015-12-03 22:24:01
I already have a PhD... for those that don't the 'vaugeries' of your thesis, a 'CFA' designation is more tangible...

...if I had only known 5 yrs earlier!
@2015-12-05 02:14:27
all r same when u got a job thats all , no worries when u r in "real world" obviously >
@2015-12-08 04:18:14
Guess FRM is worth betting since it is test in one-go? Anyone think so?
@2019-03-16 14:56:02
FRM/PRM look at a subset of finance (risk management) and go into that topic in more detail. CFA is a much broader exam (and CFA has 3 levels versus the 1 level for FRM) but doesn't go into risk management in as much depth as frm or prm.

Which to take depends upon what you want to do with it. Analysts and portfolio managers for example should take CFA, risk managers should take frm or prm.

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