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@2004-06-12 10:12:35
How many questions right out of 240 will be needed to pass the exam?? I know the best you guys can do are estimates, but I would like to get a feel for what will be required.
@2004-06-12 19:34:17
I would say that if you nail 150/240 questions you are guaranteed to pass. That is approx 70% of the exam.
@2004-06-13 17:22:23
No one really knows for sure, AIMR can basically do whatever they want to. What I can tell you is that 150 is not 70% of 240. Try 168.If you got 150 problems right I would say your chances for a pass are good.160 questions or more correct and you passed without a doubt.
@2004-06-13 18:55:31
Hello-I read your comment and I have a question for you. I recently sat for level 1 exam and to be frank, I really do not know how I did in the test. I have to admit, part 1 was difficult, but part 2, i had no difficulties with. I will say that 50% of part one, I guessed and the other 50% were: 25% I solved for certain and the other 25% I had to eleminate the wrong answers. What I am trying to say is that after reading a lot of comments from different people about the grading with this exam, I conculded like you said that AIMR can do whatever they want to do. Afterall, a friend of mine who did not study for level 1 last year, PASSED and was SURPRISED that he did.

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