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@2007-09-10 08:27:30
I am planning to give my CFA in Dec 2007, and I have just started my preparation ( Sept 10 , 2007 ). Can anyone guide me how many hours at an average or when did you start studying for CFA exam.

Also what study materials are you using for the exam.
@2007-09-10 18:26:49

First of all let me congratulate for enrolling into the program!

The number of hours you needÖ thatís a tough question. It very much depends on your academic background and also on the job you have now. Itís one thing if you get home late from work and begin to study for two hours before going to sleep and another if you have say 3 to 4 hours a day to fully devote to your study. I hear that on an average you would need at least 250 hours for the first level.

I sat for the Level I exam in June and failed but I canít say how much time I spent on studying (for sure a lot less than 250 hours). I think itís important to spread the curriculum over the time you have left and not try to cover it all in a week or two (i.e. donít do the same mistake I did:)).

As for the materials, spend a few minutes going through the notes you can find on the site and if you find that they are not enough you can choose from the plethora of other materials (starting with the CFA Institute curricula).

Regards and good luck with your study,
@2007-09-11 09:53:32
Hey, varun1981.

Have you just started preparing?
Me too...

Do you want to prepare together? I mean we can make a study group and keep track of our progress. In that way we will be able to spend a certain amont of time (i'm spending 3-4 hours a day) for studying.
@2007-10-03 00:47:59
I am preparing for exam level 1 in Dec as well, and the self-study processing is really tough although good for improving self study skills. It is good to make a study group and i think it will help to learn more effiectly.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!