AuthorTopic: CFA Institute membership - supervisor?
@2010-05-26 14:15:12
i work in big 4 audit firm, who is my supervisor? any audit manager i have worked with?
@2010-06-01 06:45:59
I can understand the situation as I experienced this as well

When you work with audit firms, your supervisor will keep changing depending on the assignments.

What I did was as follows:

I issued a letter to the guy under whom I was at that point in time, cc to Audit Partner, Top Shot and the Compliance officer.

Tailpiece: Even if you have a "fixed" supervisor, in the real world no-one is " fixed ". For e.g. after one month he can be fired or can resign. So in my opinion current one was important. So far as CFA Institute has not caught me for violation :oD:oD:oD

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