AuthorTopic: CFA Institute's new level 1 notes?
@2005-07-18 22:36:10
should I buy them at $395?
@2005-07-19 12:11:14
They are not notes, my friend. CFA Institute just collates all of the required chapters together. No change at all.

From a cost perspective, it appears to be cheaper than paying $700 for all required textbooks for level 1. However, you will NOT save much money over the 3 levels since most of the textbooks are reusable over 3 levels. It just spreads the costs over 3 years more evenly.
@2005-07-19 16:55:36
Suppose CFA Institute wants you to read only one chapter in a book. Previously, you had to buy the entire book. Now they're going to sell you just that one chapter. You'll still be reading the exact same material, word for word, as if you bought the whole book. They're changing the packaging, not the contents.

And as cfatobe says, it may actually cost more money over the course of the program.
@2005-07-19 20:29:15
The only way it would be cheaper to get the package that CFA Institute is selling is if several of the publishers come out with new editions over the time you're taking the three exams.

If you have to buy two versions of each of these books over a two year period then it might just be cheaper to go with what CFA Institute is selling.

The fact that it's packaged together would make it a lot easier to carry around.
@2005-07-20 05:43:11
Per your messages above, it still seems a good idea to buy the original textbooks instead of their new copied volumes. Would this be advised and does the textbooks get revised often such that they will become out of date by the time I do Level II and III.
@2005-07-20 11:56:24
I think buying separate textbooks is definitely a better option:

1. Most CFA candidates already have some kinds of background in one or several fields and they generally don't need the whole set of books. For me (an accounting major) it's obviously I don't need the required accounting textbooks. In fact I will only buy ethics, statistics and fixed income textbooks as I just need to read notes on equity, portfolio management, derivatives and economics to save me some time. By bundling all textbooks together CFA Institute is just trying to make more money from candidates who generally don't need all of them.

2. Yes they do revise textbooks every 3 or 4 years, and I heard it's like 5-10% of the content. I can live with the old version provided there are not too much changes.

3. Which has a bigger resale value, the bundled readings vs textbooks? Which has a better reference value other than preparing for the cfa exam?
@2005-07-20 17:39:29
Yes they revise textbooks every 3-4 years, but remember they also revise the bundled readings more often: once a year!

Say if you failed this year and want to prepare for the next year's exam, you would have to buy a new set for $395. Had you used textbooks, you might need to buy one or two books. Another case is that your friend gave you some books or you bought several old books, would you still want the bundled set?

CFAI has become more greedy than ever by introducing this new bundle thing.
@2005-08-01 03:30:17
it seems to me that CFA Institute wants to provide the candidate the original materials in bundle in stead of notes (which has some mistakes too) provided by several material providers. However, the cost is too high. It should be economic considering they are not providing the whole book.
@2005-08-08 13:23:02
I went on and a few other sites and ended up spending $450 total for all the books I needed. (I already owned one, and got 4 at a discount well below the "CFA discount" offered on the web site. The rest I bought off the CFA site.) My savings on those 4 books, plus the one I owned left me paying only $50 more than the CFA's notes. Seems like you get more bang for your buck if you just buy the books but get what you can used.
@2005-08-11 03:16:06
Yes if you want to buy the entire set of books because you don't have ANY financial background or education, then going with the bundle is slightly cheaper ($450 vs $395). But, as Tomoko pointed out, it would be way cheaper otherwise, and also from a long-term's perspective.
@2005-08-17 20:28:57
Gnomez: is a great site for getting the books - thanks for the tip. I just saved about $100 on two books!
@2005-08-24 12:28:49
hie guys, l will be writing my level 1 in june .l like to know if Schweser modules are suficient for someone with a degree in maths and statistics?
@2005-08-30 10:42:50
I do have a finalcial bakground, however I bought the material for exam 1 for 500 from a person who decided not to take the exam on December. Now I disovered this site, and i do not know if would be better to re-sell them. If I have the material what is teh best way to use this site, I really get to know the way to [prepare the exam faster. Than reading the whole material.
@2005-10-16 08:59:59
Hey guys,

RE: the new CFA institute notes for 2006 Level 1
Can you guys please confirm that the materials are just the collections of the required chapters from textbooks and they are not summaries or notes? I was planning to purchase it as I thought it was notes produced by CFAI which is similar to the analystnotes. Please if anyone can give me some advices..should I get the readings from CFA or else which notes should I buy?

Best Regards,
New L1 exam candidate
@2005-11-30 12:17:47
I'm relatively new to the site and plan on taking the Level 1 exam next June. Does this site offer good prepartory materials at a reasonable price, and if so are you guaranteed to pass?...(if that type of info is available), as opposed to going to say barnes & nobles to buy study guides? I would appreciate feedback from anyone who passed the level 1 exam.
@2005-12-03 10:22:03
guys ,I am an engg graduate so i simply dont know anything about but i have planned to give CFA any advice? books,toughness,job market after the level 1.
Friends are scaring me saying it is damn tough.
@2005-12-05 22:31:02
can anyone email me notes in pdf version
@2006-02-27 07:50:22
site offer good prepartory materials at a reasonable price, and if so are you guaranteed to pass?...(if that type of info is available), as opposed to going to say barnes & nobles to buy study guides? I would appreciate feedback from anyone who passed the level 1
@2006-03-01 16:17:15
please can get access to sample cfa level I notes?
@2006-03-19 18:09:30
Hello everyone,
I have last year's Level 1 notes from this site. Do I still need to purchase a brand new set for this June's exam?
@2006-03-23 08:17:17
Hi can someone send me the AIMR notes for L1 in Pdf form , I am ready to share the cost.
@2006-03-23 23:46:46
I would like to share cost with anyone with genuine notes - in fact I am almost out of time, so if affirmative let me know real quick. i can't afford to rewrite.
@2006-04-02 21:09:42
@2006-05-18 21:05:10
I have the CFA notes. They are just a collection of the chapters. I am using notes, because I am runing out of time.
@2006-05-26 14:01:41
I'm interesting doing this exams but i don't have notes,hope to do on December for June i think im late if there is any one who can advise me on how to go about.i have background of Accounting.If there is a person who need to study together by the way of discussion.
@2006-05-30 16:17:49
Are you based in London?

@2006-05-31 15:02:09
hi i m doing dec 2006 ...i am depending on shweser for the exams and also analyst notes probably...can anyone let me know how safe this is considering the fact that my major was microbiology ,,,degree
4rm nigeria
@2006-06-05 18:19:44
Anybody preparing for CFA in bangalore?I am working for fidelity and starting the preparation for CFA.can we form some study group?
@2006-06-15 17:25:10

I am in California, maybe i can join u. How are you planning to start ur preparation. Thanks
@2006-06-16 22:34:58
can i get away with just using the notes from this site?
@2006-06-19 18:37:00
Rav26 - I would definitely use the notes from this site as a support tool, not as my main source of information. For me, at least, I find it hard to sit in front of a computer and really concentrate. I need to be sitting at a table or desk, with notes in front of me. The notes from this site are very thorough, and you could probably pass using them alone, but I would recommend against using the notes alone. Good luck
@2006-06-20 14:10:27
Weez- Thanks for the info ; much appreciated ... Goodluck with whichever exam you are preparing for too
@2006-06-26 02:05:28
Weez - There are printable notes too if you want to have physical notes to study besides using the computer. Same as you, I need to have some physical notes to read why I am on my way to work and I start losing my concentration when I am reading off the computer too long. I totally agreed with your comments on the notes though, its very thorough and direct to the point. I am using this one as the main source and probably do more practice questions from Schweser.
@2006-06-26 04:53:33
Hi all, I am looking for online notes for CFA level 1.I am planning to apper for the Level 1 exam in december and looking for some good notes.Can anybody provide me the same online. Anybody from India who wants to get in touch with me can also send me the mail.I am looking forward for the mails from ur side. Regards
@2006-06-28 05:57:31
I am a post graduate in commerce and have ordered for CFA institute materails for Level 1 and will be using analystnotes. Will these be sufficient for Dec 2006 exams. Guys pls advise? Do I need to get any other materials? At any cost I want to pass this Dec 06 exams
@2006-06-29 09:33:21
hi, i shall be appearing for dec level 1 exams, and have decided to go for buying separate books... any book suggestions for topics other account?
@2006-07-03 11:41:25
I am new to this. Analysisnotes is charging only $69 vs almost a grand by the their competition. Does one gets that much better value out of their notes? Can someone advise please?

@2006-07-06 05:27:19
great indeed

@2006-07-07 21:53:06
I recently graduated with a BS in Finance and Management Science. I am looking into taking the CFA exam, but I heard that the CFA insitute does not award the charter unless you have 2-3 years of full time work experience relating to Finance. I was wondering that if I do pass all 3 levels of the CFA exam, and then look for a job relating to finance, then would it make me more marketable in the financial services industry???
Or should I get the work experience first and then take the exam???
Any response to this question is appreciated.
@2006-07-09 05:56:15
No, even you pass the 2 first level, in order to take the level 3, you have to have 3-4 years real experience.
So, trying to get through 2 levels, many companies will willing to offer you job that you can have that experience.
Dont you see the recruiters' msg: " working toward CFA is a plus"
Well well well good luck ;)
@2006-07-12 07:28:58
Any fellows doing CFA from KArachi, Pakistan?
@2006-08-14 10:03:12
I am (from karachi) preparing for CFA L1 (june 2007)
@2006-08-19 10:02:28
im from kenya, first degree in Architecture. Anyone out there, especialy in Kenya that we can study together?
@2006-08-28 14:00:30
Anyone in Jozi taking CFA level 1 this dec?
@2006-09-13 05:21:35
Anyone in Hong Kong need CFAI 2006 materials?
@2006-09-13 08:05:31

May I request anyone to email me the notes for Level 1 in pdf format. My email id is

@2006-09-13 15:05:09
Rajiv, anyone who has the notes has or will read the ethics section and knows or will know that illegal distribution of the notes is against CFA laws.
@2006-09-13 19:23:29
although dipuo is correct, you can get at least the first part (Ethics), for free at the CFA institute page
@2006-09-16 16:14:47
Hi I want CFA materials in HK. Can hkdlw with me ur email so i can contact you?
@2006-09-18 07:17:58
Dipuo and Tunta,
Thanks a lot for the information and suggestion on downlaoding the Ethics from CFA sites.

By the way anyone from Thailand?

@2006-10-06 22:00:24
Hello Ajay,

I am Arvind from Bangalore. Am working for Reuters. We could form a study group.
@2006-10-18 09:07:58
Can I use notes of 2006 for the exam of 2007? I got study notes and have not used this year, so I need to know if there is going to be main changes between Scheweser notes of 2006 and 2007 or in the exam topics of June 2007.

Thanks and kind regards, Rafa
@2006-11-02 17:01:55
Can someone please provide the correct answer for the following question. Do you want to structure operating lease as acpital lease if you want to enhance leverage ratios or choose the opposite, ie., structure capital leases as operating leases to enhance levrage ratios. I would appreciate any prompt answer. Thanks.
@2006-11-09 10:14:48
Hi anyone from New Zealand Wellington would like to form a study group with me? Im gonna take level 1 in June 2007 anyway.
@2006-11-12 12:54:22
Is there anyone in Zimbabwe who will be taking the June 2007 level 1 exams. i am based in Harare please call, so that we can get together, study and share costs on purchasing of the req textbooks.
@2006-11-15 22:04:41
good luck yall
@2006-11-19 23:12:25
Hi I am givin' level I in june 07, can i have any one to form a study group with me ? I m in London.
@2006-11-25 15:58:39
I m in nigeria, but hope to be in london before the xmas for the preparation of June 07.Have you registered?
@2006-11-25 16:05:41
Hi guys, can anyone send me the syllabus for level 1.I hope to write the june 07, and i need to start preparation now.Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
@2006-11-29 07:36:09
Hey everyone,

Since you guys claim the CFA material is actually a collection of chapters from relevant books, anyone know what these books are?

I would prefer the books, better reference, etc

Thanks guys!
@2006-12-04 14:31:51
Virus, i will be in london in two weeks time.will let you know when i arrive.
@2006-12-07 20:18:50
my name is shahid rana. is there anyone preparing for level 1. we can form study group.
@2006-12-16 21:17:37
Any tutors in Mumbai for Level 1.I am an engineering grad without any finance knowledge
@2006-12-18 13:17:11
Hey guys I want to understand where to start. I registered for Level 1 last week. I am a chartered accountant working as a Corporate Financier in London.

If anyone is out there who can advise which notes to buy: Schweser, BPP Stream in UK (Course Provider) or CFA AIMR Notes. I have already got hold of analyst notes. Thanks for the help.
@2006-12-22 10:42:45
Hi, Bola & Bolly....Waiting for you get started CFA together. Let me know once you come to london. Thanks .
@2006-12-23 07:32:01
Is anyone from Irvine, CA, intereated in a study group?

Thanks MK
@2006-12-28 15:55:19
Hi guys,

i already have all CFA books for the level 1 june 2006 exams, do i have to buy new books for the june 2007 level 1 exams. In addition, are there any major changes in the june 2007 CFA level 1 exams. I really can't afford to buy new sets of books I'm kind of struggling to pay for the exams.
@2007-01-01 14:32:38

Can anyone tell me how the Dec 06 level 1 bundle is different from the Jun 07 bundle?

Thanks a lot.


P.S anyone in boston, MA, wants a study group?
@2007-01-04 11:26:17
Hi, anyone in Multan or surroundings, interested to be my study for June 2007 level 1 sitting.
@2007-01-06 12:54:25
Hi guys....I am based in Bournemouth UK and I am looking for people willing to form study group for the June 2007 sitting. Please let me know so that we can start the ball rolling as soon as possible.
@2007-01-06 22:26:09
Are you ready to take n' number of attempts to complete CFA without study materials? Friends, believe me it's impossible.
@2007-01-08 04:10:53
hi all,

have you taken level 1 before?
i am the new comer who taken the jun 2007 exam.

do you guys know there is any change in level 1 syllabus in 2007 by comparing that in 2006?
@2007-01-08 04:34:57
Hi folks. I am from washington DC. I know nothing about the best technique regarding study notes and material. Can any body help where to get it so it will cover most approximate exam requirement.
Also if any body is willing to study together, I am willing to form a group near DC metro area.
@2007-01-09 14:18:10
i would really like some one to answer the question of the changes in 2006 and june 2007 is there any major change in the syllabus.pls answer thank you
@2007-01-09 16:04:49
Hey folks,
I am new to CFA and this site. I recently passed my US CPA and now looking into CFA. Please help me out with any material that I could use for level one. I am basically starting from scratch so any help would be greatly appreciated.
@2007-01-11 02:13:21
hi i am bharat , i need cfa level 1 books , if anyone have contact me
@2007-02-04 19:44:07
To saad77
Hi! My name is Crystal Byrd, and I am new to this, but I am taking the CFA Lvl 1 in June 2007. I am in Baltimore, MD. Is anyone interested in forming a study group??Or the DC Metro area????
@2007-02-08 13:46:20
hi can anyone help me get 2007 study notes ?and is it possible to get ready for june exam??
@2007-02-09 06:57:39
Hi my name is Dhaval Patel from NYC and I am planning to take L1 in June. I just started reading few weeks back , I know I am little behind the schedule.

Is anybody interested in forming a study group???
@2007-02-09 23:59:00
Hi there

Anyone in london for a study group ?
I'll be taking the Level 1 exam in June2007.
@2007-02-12 10:45:27
hi dhaval,

I am planning to take the L1 test in dec. Am not sure if the syllabus is the same, however if it is I dont mind forming one n meeting up. I have jst started studying. Lemme know if u interested
@2007-02-18 19:41:19
hi guys
anybodt from delhi willing to share notes for L1

@2007-02-23 09:07:44
Hi there ...Any one in Doha...We can form a work group...
@2007-03-02 12:53:57
hi all,

i'm confused...i don't know if is better to buy CFA book ($395) or study notes of AnalystNotes is enought to pass my exam in June 2007 ...i'm graduated in economics and banking.

@2007-03-12 17:50:10
anyonE from Bangalore preparing for CFA L1 for December 2007 do get in touch. We shall form a study group and focus on all the problems that we encounter and try to look into all queries as well. Do contact 9880741961. BANGALORE ONLY.
@2007-03-17 21:40:06
If you want to sell your 2007 Level I curriculum books after the June 2007 exam please let me know. I am preparing for the Dec 2007 exam
@2007-03-23 22:48:49
anyone from Malaysia interested to form a study group please let me know. I am preparing for Dec2007 level 1.
@2007-03-27 01:36:56
im from malaysia, which part of malaysia are you at?
@2007-04-20 10:27:50
any 1 from dubai, am planning to give L1 in dec 2007 and would like to form a study group.
@2007-05-07 15:56:39
anyone would like to form a study group...i am in gurgaon...will appear for dec. 2007 level 1...

anyone can guide mw which notes are best for level 1..i dont have any finance background...i am post graduate in international business...

@2007-05-12 16:41:07
what we should study more even that they show weight of topic but its hard to belive that its true
@2007-06-05 11:09:32
hi all,
me from bangalore and about to buy books from guys who have appeared for June 2007 exams.
Guys ready to sell L1 books please write to me.
@2007-06-06 20:03:21
hi guys , i am in egypt , anyone interested in buying CFA Institute level one text books , please call me on 0108327782
@2007-06-06 20:22:00
Hi all,

I am looking to take my L1 in Dec 2007. If any of you are selling your books please write to me.

@2007-06-07 09:12:53

I am from Bangalore. Anyone selling L1 2007 CFA Official Curriculum, please let me know. +91-9845344123.
@2007-07-30 08:38:29

I am new and would like to appear for Dec 07 Level 1. I have done my major in accountacy. Can anybody please advise on following:-

1. Should purchase the CFA Curriculum
2. Are the notes for covering all aspect
3. Does one need to buy other products


Best of Luck to all appearing for their exams
@2007-08-01 12:11:16

I would like to buy the CFA's official level 1 curriculum. Is anyone selling this? What is your price?

@2007-09-09 08:46:20
I would like to do appear in the June 08 Level 1 exam.Can anyone advise me on the following please;

1.The changes to the June08 exam2
2.Reading material that i would need
3.If there is anyone selling how much are they
4.Also i am in Sydney,anyone to form a study group/forum for exan preparation?
@2007-09-14 08:30:08
rajiv, i'm in bangkok, thailand.
im preparing to take the test in june 2008.
do you have any textbooks you'd like to sell? or donate :).
@2007-09-30 15:24:51
Hi -
I'm taking the dec 07 exam. I'd like to know who likes to form a study group. :-) Also, I'm using a 2006 Schwester study program. Not sure how much risk I'm taking by doing so. Could anyone advice?
Thanks a million in advance.
@2007-09-30 19:28:47
Hi happyheart. I am also taking the level one exam in December and using 2006 Schwesser notes. The changes are minimal. Just use the new study guide to compare the LOS. There have been major changes to study session 4 (Macroeconomics) so u need to get the new notes for that. For the other sessions u can pick up most of the changes on this site. How much progress have u made with the studying so far?
@2007-10-01 11:57:04
Hi happyheart. It's actually all the study sessions on economics that have major changes (4,5 n 6). Good luck with the studying!
@2007-10-02 04:51:47
hi salma, am also signed up for d dec 2007 level 1 exams. i am doin some revision right now and goin over some tough areas in quants, fixed income, and economics. my first mock is billed 4 sat 13th of oct by time (i.e 4 am American time)
@2007-10-04 19:27:05
hi all,
i just graduated from uni and registered for the june 2008 cfa. i was wondering how many weeks i need to prepare for the exams if i devote 8hrs/wkend. they say 250 hours of study, is that realistic? btw am in london - so if anyone interested in selling their dec7 books, send me a txt on 07899998021.
@2007-10-21 20:10:58

Is it the CFA mock review exam or analyst notes? If its the CFA how was it and what type of questions -theory or practical were there generally?
@2007-11-01 15:54:29
Hi guys,
I am a kenyan graduate and just about to register for the cfa programme. How do i get the materials since i dont have people to share with here?
Pliz give me a call on +254 723 606 852 or reach me through the above address and pass on your kind assistance.

All the best.
@2007-11-12 01:29:33
I'm taking the Level 1 Jun 08 exam. I'm using a 2007 study package. Not sure how much risk I'm taking by doing so. Could anyone advice?
Thanks a million in advance.
@2007-11-12 08:28:29
@2007-12-03 06:36:11
Folks, I am not sure if you know and really wonder about you question. CFA institute is providing all the notes when you register to them for exam. They have increased the exam fees to $688. So I believe you do not have to worry about the study material. You are bound to get the latest and greatest and what is required for June 2008 exam.
@2007-12-03 12:22:13
hi all,

anyone adise please , will i pay for the shippment of the Books or the shippment is included too????
@2008-01-03 08:34:23
if we are to do purely revision and mock papers in May 08. We are effectively left with 4 months to cover all topics for level 1.

may i know at what stage is everyone with studying now?

i seem to be progressing so slowly.
@2008-02-01 21:34:22
postpet - It's 2/1/08 for reference and I'm through study session 5 and moving on to six and then volume 3. It's slow going but a specific study plan has helped me stay on track with goal of all readings completed by May 1 with then about 5 weeks for practice tests. Progress of others Level I Candidates?
@2008-02-03 10:53:43
I tried going through the study sessions serially, but didn't work for me. Now, I'm done with Quant, Ethics and Portfolio Mgt.

I'm studying Financial Statement Ana., Corporate Finance concurrently.

I think it's better to finish early (say April 1) and have more time for practice tests/ revision.
@2008-02-18 07:46:53
Hello Hedonist,

I would be traveling to Bangkok for CFA L1 in June 08. Would you have any idea about where Test Center is and Where can i find a reasonable accomodation near to the test center.

Many Thanks!!

@2008-02-21 14:30:50
Hello everyone,

I would like to give cfa level 1 exams this June 08. I have MBA degree in international businessn but i have little background in finance and i think that i m not very good in finance but i managed to pass my finance paper. Any advise for a person like me with no finance backgroung. I m determind to pass level 1 this year. Please advise me.

kind regards.
@2008-02-24 00:51:32
I dont have any background in finance how can i pass CFA? I have MBA degree in International busieness. Please please advise me what to do? Any one of you have done level 1? please help. I have asked this question before.
@2008-03-01 19:49:19
hi all im a banker working at collection dept but i want to prepare the cfa certificate what will be the expected salary for a cfa without experience in middile east
@2008-03-07 17:40:54
Hi everyone,

I just enrolled for the Level1 (dec) exam and wanted to know whether I should buy the books or use the study notes provided by this site to pass the exam. I have a background in finance. Please help.

@2008-04-22 20:19:37
ICFA 2008 cfa institute level 1 curriculum needed ???? Any one out there want to sell or donate ???
@2010-06-23 07:27:35
Hi everyone

I am planning to do CFA but I dont have much idea about this course.Can anyone plz tell the prospects of these course like the market demand.Also I want to know how should I start its preparation.I dont have study mat as i haven't enroll for this course yet
@2010-06-24 01:14:15
I've many questions in this thread that i would have different perspective on depending on when i read them. I started to get interested while i was 29, fast forward 5 years later i decided to give this one a go this Dec (level 1). You take this exam because you want a career as an equities, fixed income, commodities analyst with the buy side or sell side. If you're not from finance it's OK (I've done 10yrs of I.T), but you atleast need a solid understanding of what you want first before embarking on a tough ultra marathon such as the CFA. If you don't understand any of what i mentioned (buy side, sell side, equities vs fixed income) then you'll need to go through them online, ask questions and reevaluate if this is what you want. It took me 5 years to gather all the information to come to a conclusion that this is for me. I hope you take less time - All the best
@2010-08-06 11:25:24
I want to sell CFA Level 1 material (2007) xerox course material at very economical price. Contact me. (India, Bangalore)

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt