AuthorTopic: CFA is it a way up or do you boost your performance
@2018-06-22 07:48:16
I'm an engineer and considering to do CFA.

Question: is it only a proof of how motivated you are/willing to sacrifice.
Like many MBA, I mean nobody comes out 30% smarter. It's good for network, change of carrier and get some training in variety of areas as presenting, finance , Mng ect..

Are we becoming excellent in financial analysis, or just learning a lot of finance and knowing how to answer specific questions to elevate our carrier status???
Is it all about showing our committed?

Or as financial analyst's job is very knowledge based it does add on his performance with 30% (if he knows all the theories and formulas by hard???

I'm interested in learning and become a good financial/credit analyst, advisor, you achieve it rather through experience and the right talents and is a CFA is only a good way into the business?

CFA Discussion Topic: CFA is it a way up or do you boost your performance

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