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@2008-09-25 00:56:00
I think only people holding degrees in finance or economics from an accredited university should be allowed to write the CFA. Judging from the new batch of people writing the CFA they are giving us all a bad name. Come on, these guys still don't understand international trade...Whats next, going to find out your medical doctor has an art history degree? Or your attorney has a degree in women's studies? What a joke...
@2009-02-06 01:29:00
With regards to sitting for the CFA, perhaps basic criteria should be met in order to sit for the CFA.
For example, in the state of Virginia, anyone could take the CPA exam as long as they had several Accounting classes (this rule has subsequently changed, now all CPA candidates must have an accounting degree).
Perhaps a requirement should be that a candidate must have completed several Finance and Accounting classes. Another variation could be that a candidate must possess an MBA.
Arguing which major is harder is fruitless. I received my degree in Electrical Engineering and found the classes I took in finance trivial.
I believe everyone should be able to take the CFA; however CFA Institute should continue to make receiving the CFA designation a difficult process....
@2009-03-25 02:43:00
You would be absolutely right if the increasing number of candidates leaded to a relaxation of the general CFA quality standards.
May be the CFA program is not perfect, but it is better than nothing, isn't it?
@2009-05-03 00:32:00
We definitely need CFA, something chanllenging, and something different. MBA is nothing now, there are MBAs all over the places. If CFA becomes as common as MBA, we don't need CFA. So, we should be happy to have CFA, at least, there is a dream for you and to pursue.
@2009-05-04 11:55:09
This is elementary: I'm from the "third world" and will never have money for "accredited university"; so, I will never have a chance to take CFA?
What a mess...
@2009-05-04 12:10:08
Yes, CFA is weak; however, there is a country in the world, where there are:
~ 2,500 member of the State Academys
~ 200,000 MBAs
~ 20 CFAs

Gues, what is the country and why the CFA is more valuable than MBA?
@2009-05-05 00:55:27
The CFA program is intense enough to separate those who know Finance and those who dont....what does it matter what a person has studied for in his undergrads? My boss is a Phd in Physics and hes a managing partner of a well known investment bank...besides it improves my chances of passing the exam if there are more people who dont know much about finance.
@2012-10-09 16:14:21
AbohoHarun is right.

More non-finance folks trying to get the certification = life's a little easier for us finance grads :D
@2015-11-15 16:01:17
"find out your medical doctor has an art history degree"

What do you suggest a medical doctor choose as his college major? what makes you think it matters in the slightest?
@2020-01-17 08:41:43
@ Claudio,

I disagree. I mean, the fact that the level of the exams is so high avoids that the "Judging from the new batch of people writing the CFA they are giving us all a bad name.", right?

Only qualified people will pass, plus you have to 'relevant' work experience to start the program.

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