AuthorTopic: CFA is worth getting !
@2014-08-24 23:40:40
The CFA designation is well worth your time and effort !

I have 12 years of investment experience, 8 years as a portfolio manager in a bank trust department, 1 year as a securities analyst and 3 years at a trading desk. My biggest regret is not getting my CFA years ago. Everyone that I knew 12 years ago that got their charter are now miles away from me in their careers. Believe me it makes a big difference. It will open many doors and give you more flexibility. Most importantly it gives you a solid foundation of knowledge. Go for it you will never regret it!
@2014-08-25 03:27:27
Hi Buster, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Do you mind telling us which country/city are you working in?
@2014-08-25 07:16:36
I live in San Diego CA USA
@2014-08-31 11:38:45
Hi buster,

I had a question regarding what books to use. I am an electrical engr with economics minor and on scanning the syllabus for CFA economics, I know most of the stuff. I want your advice regarding which books I can start studying from for L1 exam of this Dec. I currently have the textbook material. Do you think if that is enough or do I require some other books too. Thanks for your help in advance
@2014-10-02 13:10:31
I think it is helpful to have the textbook readings available to you when preparing for the exam. Level 1 covers a very broad area. One can be strong in some areas weak in the others. Notes only often leave gaps and a person may only get a small snapshot of a big picture. So I would recommend both. Something that was very helpful for me was using analystnotes. This may sound cumbersome but arrange all the test questions you can find that relate to the main points given in the notes. Organize them by subject matter. This will represent a huge part of your exam. I found almost all of it. Practice them and you will pass. Schweser Notes by themselves too much detail for notes. I think AnalystNotes are more efficient. Hope this helps. Good luck.
@2020-01-18 12:12:27
Buster when you refer to "textbooks" I assume you mean the multi-volume set of books CFA sends with the registration? Thanks.

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