AuthorTopic: CFA job and IT job?
@2013-12-01 18:43:08
Is it possible to keep your day job as a IT engineer and pursue CFA related part time job? It seems that the starting salary for the CFA related job (who had no experience in the finance related job) will be low compared to the IT jobs, but I'd like to build my career realted to CFA works even it meant part time. Or does it have to be the other way around?
@2013-12-02 01:24:13
I have same question. IT and trying to move to finance.
@2013-12-03 23:02:56
Glad to see i am not alone!
@2014-03-14 11:38:34
Same situation here. I'm preparing now for CFA L2 exam this June. I'm working in IT but trying to move to financial/investment sector a time ago.

I think it's possible to pursue the success in the 3 levels, but you must spend more time than the average person. I refer to average as someone who has experience in the finance/investment sector.

In my case it's more complicated, i work in an University. That kind of experience does not count to get CFA charterholder, so in the short-middle time i must move to other job related to finances/investment.

For CFA Level 1 exam i studied 350 hours aprox., i failed the L2 exam the year ago and i spent 300 hours aprox. Now i'll retake the level 2 exam and i think i'll spend no less than 400 hours of study.
@2018-05-14 04:29:47
There is no "CFA related job"! CFA can be considered as an advanced degree in finance which give a broad understanding of various topic areas in investment management and portfolio management. I would suggest not to go for CFA if you are not totally decided to have a career in finance. It will not serve any purpose.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!