AuthorTopic: CFA L. I - Dec 2015 - share your thoughts...
@2015-12-09 20:22:22
Just wrote the exam... Didn't use analystnotes for prep, discovered it too late. Maybe next time. Used the Original books cross referencing with Shweiser. Personnaly, I found the exam wasn't tricky, plenty of time to answer questions. I'd say for the most part the Ethics was the most vague. Having reviewed it the night before, I honestly couldn't say it was much of a help. Many Ethics questions seemed to have answers that could go either way.

Anyone else took it? Your thoughts on it? how did you find it? which part did you find easier/harder?
@2015-12-16 17:45:42
I felt the evening session was easier compared to the morning session. Keeping fingers crossed.
@2015-12-19 12:11:16
I think Corporate Finance was the trickiest of all. I hope I pass this time(2nd attempt) around. fingers crossed.
@2017-01-31 13:05:09
I felt the opposite of implex. I completed the morning session with more than 20 minutes left for re-checking questions, in the evening I had less than 10 minutes for re-checking. Perhaps it was me wearing out. I found the economics and alternative investments questions harder than the mock / sample exams I took, and oppositely for financial statement analysis and fixed income. Ethics was as tricky as I expected. Keeping fingers crossed.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh