AuthorTopic: CFA L1 Comprehensive Study Plan?
@2017-03-04 07:50:03
I want this thread to be structured around how to construct a comprehensive study plan (a little late sorry). I started in August when curriculum was mailed out. I have studied every topic in CFAI order. I have been studying for about 2-2.5 hours a day Monday through Friday and 3-4 hours on Saturday and Sunday each.

1) In Ethics, Quantitative Methods, and Economics I read text and completed all questions through out the CFAI chapter and then at the end of a reading I completed chapter-end questions.

2) In Financial Reporting and Analysis I read text and completed questions in the CFAI. I also read text from AnalystNotes and completed questions.

3) For Fixed Income I read the AnalystNotes and answered all basic questions in the notes then completed all the chapter-end questions in the CFAI.

4) After that I started Derivatives and Alternative Investments. Next, I read text and completed all the AN notes. Then I answered all the questions in the CFAI text.

On the questions I got wrong I researched the reason and made note, I didn't just brainlessly check answers. However, I feel like I have not retained much in anything other than Fixed Income. I am getting a little restless for review questions of each study session here.

The next steps for me will be to review FRA. I will probably do the AN notes and videos for Economics. I am wondering if there are any other suggestions...I want to pass this the first time around. I appreciate any L2 candidates that have the gift of history, thank you for your wisdom in this forum. Thank you to everybody who comments in advance, we all share a common goal, to pass this and keep our sanity.

CFA Discussion Topic: CFA L1 Comprehensive Study Plan?

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You have a wonderful website and definitely should take some credit for your members' outstanding grades.
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Colin Sampaleanu