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@2008-06-05 01:17:33
Hi guys,
Anyone interested in forming study group for Dec 08 exam in Auckland, NZ?
@2008-06-10 05:51:19
yeah I'm definitely keen, but I wont be free until July.
@2008-06-19 01:40:30
That`s cool. suggest, we still stay in touch, in case there are some questions/topics to discuss. Have you started studying btw?
@2008-06-19 11:47:26
yeah. I've gone through the ethics once and started quantitative methods in the textbook but I've got exams now so I'm taking a break from that study now. What about yourself? Are you using anything else apart from the textbooks?
@2008-06-20 01:02:43
I`m done with Vol. 1 so far, but feel like need waaaay more practice than they give in CFAI books, so now looking to buy QBank, or some other provider`s practical questions. Are you planning on using anythin else but Curriculum?
@2008-06-21 08:24:56
Wow you're way ahead of me! yeah, they don't have many questions in the texts aye? I'm using the question bank here but I've only breezed through a few questions. I'll have a lot more time to study after this week. Exams will finish so I'll try and catch up to you if it's possible ;)
@2008-06-21 22:41:56
Sure, it is. I`m stuck with QBank for Vol1 still. It`s actualy good, though I have no idea how much Qbank questions are like actual CFA exam? Meanin in terns of presentation/structure. What kind of exams do u have-Auckland Uni?
@2008-06-22 10:18:34
oh which QBank do you have? I heard the questions in the curriculum are from previous exams so them and the practice exams the cfai provide are probably replicate the exam q's the best. The analyst notes questions are mixed. They aren't all ABCD (well the basic questions anyway) but they're still good practice.
Yeah I've got fin362 on tuesday and econ304 on friday. The hard exams are over so I'm not so stressed anymore. What about you? Are you a student or working?
@2008-06-22 22:10:14
I have a question bank, but witho9ut notes-just brief LOS explanation and tests, lots of lots of tests.....was struggling with stats last nite, now can`t open my eyes at work!! :) Anyway, QBank is realy good I think -they explain LOS well and brief, test questions are tricky, but thats the point-to get ready for exam, right? Fin362! that`s a tough paper,I did it last semester, but it`s realy helpin with CFA now. I just graduated , and now working-doing simple acctg. have never done any econ papers thou-mostly fin/acctg, oh and mktg. Lol, thought it was just a waste of time, but when was going through sample/probabilities stats, realized that mktg202 was realy a useful thing to do. Are u doing AnalystNotes qs as well? I`m quite overwhelmed with CFAI curriculum+QBank, think it`s more than enougbh till Dec anyway. Good luck with the rest of exams!
@2008-06-24 00:52:30
wow u people are greate i have not even open the text yet my job is so demanding i will have no break at all. i dont no weather to resign or not. what did u advise guys
@2008-06-24 21:42:40
To abba:
It depends on lots of things: your background (if u`r familiar with any financial/acctg concepts at all) and ability to make an effort and study hard :). I`m not geting abreak at my job as well...So, if u really wanna do that-it`s alw worth trying (just personal opinion)
@2008-06-28 11:41:16
hey thanks. they went well but you're right about fin362 being hard!! Especially the swaps and I'm pretty sure that comes up in the CFA exams. At least I've had some exposure to them nwo even though I still don't understand it well.

Now that exams are over I can try and catch up on CFA study ;) yeah I'm doing the analystnotes q's. I think there's enough of them to keep me occupied. Have you set yourself a deadline to finish going through the material? I'm going to try and finish everything by the start of october. That way I'll have lots of time to revise and do mock exams..well that's the plan anyway.
oh, congrats on graduating! I've only got one semester left and I can't wait!

Abba: I wouldn't resign to study for the CFA exams, but that's just me. Yeah, it's really demanding for your time so I guess it depends on your goals and whether getting the designation will help or not..good luck with whatever you choose to do.
@2008-07-01 01:19:12
Fin362 is def The paper :)) Pretty sure the concepts wil come up in CFA (assume it s lats volume Derivatives...) So, I`m pretty glad I did the paper, eventho the result was pretty poor :)
I was thinkin of geting AnalystNotes qs, but that decided to go with Schwerser (u know, all that advertising crap :)), and I`m pretty happy with it-they give good brief explanations, qs are hard, but catchy (hope I`ll remember them in Dec).
Wow, finishing evrth by the start of October s gonna be really quick and good for you, I`m not able to do that, so planning mid of November to finish all Volumes (fingers crossed)
What papers you doin next semester? Btw, u started CFA really early (which is great), I waited till grad :).
I`m doing Econ now and its reeely different from Quant,lots of wording, lots of graphs and wording about graphs :) Really annoying smtm, but just looks piece of cake-qs turning out to be tricky.
So, good luck on studying and stay in touch :)
Btw, do you know anyone else in Auckl, doing CFA this Dec?
@2008-07-02 11:50:51
Did you get it through the NZ society? I heard if you contact them they tell you who's taking the level 1 exam. I might do that later once I've studied a decent amount because I think it would help a lot to compare notes with others..
Haha! now I'm not sure if I can finish by then because I spent most of yesterday doing one quant. reading! They go into more detail than what stats108 did! Luckily I'm only taking 3 papers this semester. I'm doing econ211, econ303 and maybe acctg371 (if I pass 211).
Nah, I don't know anyone else doing it. My friend was going to but she backed out :(
Oh yeah, econ is wordy aye? I haven't looked at it but hopefully what I've done at uni will be the majority of what's covered at lv1.
Good luck to you too! btw what kind of calculator did you get? I never used one at uni. but it makes the problems so much quicker to solve!
@2008-07-03 03:03:54
Yep, I contacted the NZ CFA Scoiety, they said that they gonna throw some function around Sep for ppl enroled in dec exam to get to meet each other, etc...So far, they didn`t give any names on who is taking the exam in Auckland.
Acctg 371 is a cool paper, I did it two semesters ago, was really interesting and useful, assume will need it a lot for FSA Vol.
Econ is wordy, right, but at least it`s not too hard stuff.
Re the caclulator: I got HP 12C and it s pretty good. Eventho took some time/effort to get used to :) Which one are u using?
@2008-07-24 04:56:20
hey, how's your study going? I only just finished the first book :( I've gotta get through it all quicker. Did you get the email about the thing on august 5? That's my birthday of all days..but I'll most probably go and see how everyone else is going. What about you?
And I chose the TI calculator. The reverse polish thing put me off. I would spend too long trying to figure out how to use it.
Hope your studies are going well, keep it up!
@2008-07-24 17:56:39
hey, study ig going....not as fast and good as it should tho :)
Yep, I received the invitation, but unfortunately, won`t be in NZ that day (Murphy`s law :))), so would appreciate if you share afterwards what was there...
Oh, yeah, happy upcoming birthday!!
@2008-08-11 02:34:31
Hi Katia. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Unfortunately I didn't go to the function, 5pm was too early for me. I was looking forward to going as well to see how I was doing compared to others..
How was your trip? Was it for work? Either way, it must've been good to get away from Auckland for a while. Good luck with your studies!
@2008-08-24 16:08:57
Hi Oliver? How s studying? where you at the moment?
I`m trying my best to catch up after a 2 weeks doing nothing (no it` wasn`t a biz trip, just a nice vacation) which I`m "paying off" now.
Don`t you smtms have just a mess in your head ..? That where I`m currently in - starting panicing, that it`s too much of evrth and I never will be able to remember on those details in the exam room. And it`s just 3 mnths left. Oh, my...
@2008-09-01 04:40:47
Yeah I know what you mean. I get that feeling every weekend. For some reason my brain switches off and I can't concentrate on my studies. I end up doing nothing. It must be a lot harder for you since you've only got the weekend. Do they let you study at work at all?
Yeah, only 3 months left! Time flies by doesn't it? I just went through reading 32 today. FSA isn't so hard so far, it's just a revision of acctg211. Some of the stuff is from acctg371 so doing that paper's helping a lot.
How about yourself? Good timing on your trip. It's been raining so much but now the weather seems to be great.
Good luck and keep at it.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz