AuthorTopic: CFA Level 1 Dec 2007 exam. What should I do? (Toronto)
@2007-09-13 00:01:36
Hey everyone!!
I signed up for Dec 2007 exam and I am studying for it full time (not working).

I started on Sep 1 and I have bought the CFA curiculum books. So far I have finished the ethics part in Book 1 and book 2 (econ) and now I am on Financial Statement Analysis (FSA) How should I study for FSA? Its really confusing although i did my undergrad in Finance so I have the basic knowledge (but accounting was never my strong point).

PLEASE HELP!! Should I get the schweser notes or analyst notes? The cfa curiculum books arent very clear?

Also, if anyone else is studying for this in Toronto we can probably form a study group and help each other out. I live in Mississauga
@2007-09-17 22:25:43
From your question about should i get the schweser notes or analyst notes, i would definetly recommend analyst notes over schweser. although i will admit that i never used schweser, from what i hear they are either unclear or less realistic compared to the actual exam. i have purchased the analyst notes package and absolutely love it. it has been extermely helpful. and yes, i know the feeling of thinking that the books are not that clear, especially when reviewing the questions at the end of the chapter.
@2007-10-03 01:12:16
i've just dumped my schweser notes in favor of analyst notes. price, ease, feedback. all key.
@2007-10-14 21:37:36
I dumped Schweser too, easier to work online with other people´s feedback on the questions
@2007-10-16 10:04:40
Hi Friends
I am a Science Graduate, working in dubai as Financial analyst, I have 6+ years of experience in various level of Accounting & financials.
I am planning to take a certification which suite and will become helpful in my career as s Financial Analyst. So Please suggest me wether this certificatio or which will match to my intention.
@2007-10-21 19:53:39
Must agree with eb2568, bought analyst notes a couple days ago and fell in love with it.
@2007-10-28 22:44:06
i looked and looked and settled on analyst notes as well...

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach