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@2011-09-08 11:53:13
Hi guys!

I'm sitting in for the CFA Level 1 on December. I live in Queens, NY. Please let me know if you're interested in forming a study group. This might be late notice since we only have a little less than 3 months now, but if there's a study group already formed in NYC, I would still love to join. I can also meet you in Manhattan. Thanks!
@2011-09-16 19:35:58
I'm interested in forming a study group also. I live in Brooklyn.
@2011-09-18 16:02:17
I also am taking the CFA level 1 in December and would be interested in a study group.
I live in Upper Manhattan.
@2011-09-19 13:21:05
Great. I can do any borough. I live in Queens, work in Brooklyn Heights, and my train passes by Manhattan lol. Let me know how far along you guys are and what LOS you want to focus on.

Also, just a background on myself:
I graduated from College in Fall 2007. I work in the Investment Management of our company. Haven't taken MBA (but plan to).

Also, let me know if you would like to get in touch my email, FB, or cell.

@2011-09-21 05:46:58
Age: 27
@2011-09-27 08:56:47

I would be interested in forming a study group. I work in the insurance industry and graduated college in 2005. My office is located downtown and could meetanywhere in manahattan. In interested please email or fb me. My name is steve mcdonald and my email is
@2011-11-10 13:35:34
Did you guys start the group already, I am studying for June but I would love to join
@2011-12-01 08:44:42
i too would love to join, though i am not from NYC. My skype is debashis.dan
@2012-10-17 07:52:24
Hi - can I join this group now. I know its a bit late; but would be highly interested. I work in an Investment Bank.
@2013-12-01 20:23:45
Hi all, after the New York CFA Level 1 exams this Sunday, many of us are headed to 48 LOUNGE (1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, 10020) for a post-CFA Level 1 exams celebration drinks.

Good luck all!


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