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@2016-10-01 01:24:39
Hi everyone,

I recently registered for Dec Level 1 Exam. I have a business undergrad degree. I need help to ascertain how to start studying for the exam. Could your folks please help with the following questions:
Whats the 1st thing to do when you start the preparation.
Do i buy assigned textbooks or use AnalystNotes only.

Also i have been reviewing threads ;what exactly is SS, LOS, CFAI.


would appreciate a quick response , since time is of essence.
@2016-10-03 16:11:58
you are starting now!!!! No wonder the pass rates are so dismal....i guess we all will be seeing you again next June.
@2016-11-04 10:22:49
Dude ... r u ever in some deep sh**...

I still believe that it's possible to write the dec exam and achieve success... as long as you can dedicate some serious time to studying.

1st thing to do... have a schedule... and dedicate you time accordingly (It is recommended that you put in about 250 hrs of preperation)... as this is how the exam will be wieghed:

Let me break it down for you accroding to how the exam will be wieghed. Since you have just over 10 weeks to prepare.. Here's a # of days you can allocate to each topic. (Using this u can finish bout 9 weeks.. that will give u a week to review and do mock exams of analystnotes site .. and watch the latest Shah Rukh Khan movie that you will miss in the mean time)

Ethics 15% - 9 days
Quant. Analysis 12% - 8 days
Ecnomics 10% - 6 days
FS Analysis 28% - 18 days
Asset Valuation 30% - 19 days
Portfolio Mgmt 5% - 3 days

Now to decide wht to use - txtbooks vs analystnotes - since time is of essence.. i suggest u use analystnotes .. they are more compact and will help u save time. Plus.. a lot of the ppl I know are confident that analystnotes alone (don't worry bout the extras.. i.e cd, video, flashcards, etc.) are enough for this exam (including myself)

next you ask: "Is analystnotes the best"... hmm.. if i was being paid to advertise for them.. .. i'll leave it up to you to decide.. (if it helps your case, i myself am using its notes and questions)

Once you have started with your notes.. that answer your question with respect to SS and LOS...

And last but not least... you ask: "What is CFAI?"... I'm not even going to answer that... If you can't figure out CFAI before u start studying.. I suggest you put off the studying till you can (here's a hint - go to the CFA website)

Good Luck

Your Hindi movie diggin - not so distressed - Indian buddy
@2017-02-18 07:00:56
i already required readings do u still recommend buying analystnotes?

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