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@2019-02-01 16:08:54

i am taking level 1 in June. I want to know where other people are in their studies. I have finished ethics, financial reporting, fixed income n derivatives and also 1 round of revision of financial reporting n fixed income n derivatives. i have started with economics.

I am studying from analystnotes and then revising from cfa curriculum book (just solving examples questions, tests n reading los). is my pace ok?

i m full time studying. Where have you all reached?
@2019-02-12 12:51:44
HI guys,

Need some advice , i am planning to give level 1 in june this year. Is it too late to start studying. Will i be able to study the entire portion by April and start giving mock tests in May?.. i have left my job and plan to study full time ..

Thanks in advance.

@2019-02-24 16:18:53
Hi Noah:

I want to say its not late to start reading for the June exam when you are going to study full time even using the CFAI books.

Lets assume you start reading from March 1st. Derivatives and Alternative Investments can be done in a week time very easily. Even two set of revisions can be done. Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management takes 10 days. So by March 17th you knock off two subjects which covers 21 percent of the syllabus.

Next you can start with Financial Reporting and Fixed Income. Each takes around 2 weeks time to read peacefully. And by April 16th you can effectively have 63 percent coverage. And the rest two (Ethics and Professional Standards Quantitative Methods & Economics) can be completed by 15th of May. So you can give 20 days time for mock tests and concentrate on weak areas.

If you are using only Schweser or AnalystNotes material you will finish it off a whole lot quicker i.e by end of April you can cover your curriculum. And also may be accounting or finance background, also your job experience can help you understand much easily. Since you are planning to read full time it is very much possible


@2019-03-11 12:13:25

I am done with Ethics, Derivatives, Quantitative methods. Half way through in Financial reporting and analysis, portfolio management. Rest i am yet to start.

I am reading from CFAI books and also using both Schweser and AnalystNotes for additional reference for solving practice problems. I am also studying full time. I find Schweser and AnalystNotes are similar in terms of quality of study notes and practice questions, but I have not tried AnalystNotes' mock exams which are quite quite tough (I heard from a few colleagues) .

I think you have covered a good amount of portions. Going good. Keep it up.

@2019-05-11 10:01:04

i also need some guidance on the preparation side as I am working full time n I have level 1 exam in June .so far I have completed derivatives , fixed income ,corporate finance,and reading economics (micro). But still left with ethics,equity,fra,quants,portfolio and alternative investment. I am reading from Schweser. Suggest me whether I should read d remaking subjects from Schweser or a test prep provider, or the same way curriculum .



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