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@2018-02-27 16:29:56
Do you guys need help studying for the exam?
If so, let our experienced tutors give you tips, guidelines and help you with specific questions/ topics that you are experiencing difficulty with. Also, we can provide you with questions that will test your knowledge and help prepare you for the actual exam.

Please note, we are not affiliated with the CFA institute and are not going to provide you with exam questions from the CFA but rather will help prepare you study for this difficult exam.

We have no magic formula to help you pass but can provide you with the same information and advice that we had which allowed us to pass.

Best of luck!
@2018-03-01 17:43:18
I have a friend who is a victim of a conspiracy to suppress his passing score for L1. He emailed CFAI 30 times but those arrogant and lazy Americans refused to change his result from a fail to a pass. He is sure that he should have passed, since he scored an estimated 80% based on his recollection of the Level 1 questions. In addition to tutoring, my friend is looking for someone to seek out and contact the CFAI CEO regarding this matter. Can you be a hero and provide this service? This situation is so so so f * * k. T.T
@2018-04-09 20:39:01
Sorry, I can only help him with the tutoring.
However, he can email the CFA institute and pay $100 to request his exam is regraded manually. :)
Hope it helps!

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