AuthorTopic: CFA level 2 strategy 4 month to go
@2020-02-03 13:42:28
Asking for all L2 passers and Charter holders to please chip in here.

Over the past two months I have read through all the CFAL2 material using AnalystNotes - with just over 4 months to go I am keen to find out what the best review strategy is. Do I go straight into CFAI dashboard qs and EOCqs from CFA material? Do Start with mock exam?

Having gone over all the material I’ve realized just how much work there is to grasp so hoping to spend my time wisely.
@2020-03-12 21:59:30
Do all the EOCs a few times, go back to the topics on which you don't score 70-80% or feel iffy on, then move onto mocks and try to do as many as possible. I'd say do the CFAI dashboard questions once in March and then do them again a few weeks before the exam.
@2020-03-27 06:05:09
Now we have 9 month to prepare for the exam. All plans have been changed accordingly. Damn!

CFA Discussion Topic: CFA level 2 strategy 4 month to go

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.