AuthorTopic: CFA Level I (December 08)
@2008-04-17 21:24:53
Hi,has anyone registered for level 1 (dec 08) in london? if so please do let me know if you woudl be interested to form a study group... the sooner the better

good luck..
@2008-04-24 17:32:06

Im interested in a study group.
let me know.
@2008-04-27 19:07:53
Hi I am also interested. Have you guys started studying yet? How are you finding it?
@2008-04-29 09:23:34
Hi, I too am interested. Will hopefully be starting studying this week. Maybe we can all get an e-mail group started?
@2008-04-29 11:04:19
Hi, I am a December candidate. Have you guys registered? I would like you guys to be here and check forum regularly. Let's study together. -zahid
@2008-04-30 19:20:20
i have registered and started studying with the aid of CFA curriculum. I also have Stalla books but find CFA materials more in-depth then Stalla
@2008-05-09 07:22:29
Hi, have you guys already formed the discussion group for Dec level 1? Can I join in? So interested..
@2008-05-15 22:28:13
hi guys I'm also interested in your study group let me know if I can join.
@2008-05-16 16:57:55
Hello people, I will start studying for Dec Level I this weekend. Would like to join an email group if there is any?!?
@2008-05-19 17:01:51
Hey Guys,

Can we start a study group or start off with emails?? how many of you are using the CFA books and how many plan to use Stalla/Schewesers notes etc?

Lets discuss on how to proceed... it woudl be good to meet twice a week and set targets that all participants must have completed.
@2008-05-22 10:09:56
Do add me for the online study.
@2008-05-25 07:17:17
Hi All,

Its nice to hear that people are geared up for the forth coming challange. I am also interested to join the stream. Please include me and let me know how can we proceed on our preparation

@2008-05-26 17:12:42
Dear All,

I am also in the same boat.

@2008-06-01 10:18:59
i need ur help as to which books should be followed and wer to get those books for the dec lev 1 exam this is supriyo frm bangalore
@2008-06-02 16:16:42
Hi All,

I'm also taking the level 1 exam in December please add me to any study groups.
Just studying the CFA Curriculum , I am not sure which study notes to use i.e. and which calculator is better?
@2008-06-02 18:57:27
is anyone using notes? or r u guys reading all the curriculum books -
@2008-06-03 00:11:42
Hi i am from the Bahamas. Is their anyone sitting the exam in Miami (DEC). If so please let me know. I too am interested in forming some sort of study group.
@2008-06-03 20:27:07
i will also be registering for the dec exam....count me in...
@2008-06-06 19:38:33
Hi guys, I'm taking Dec '08 test in Abu-Dhabi. Would be great to join your online study group and share insights. Look forward to collaborating with you! Thanks, cheers. Nayim
@2008-06-07 19:11:58
I am a taking exam in Dec. Singapore. Pls contact me to form study group
@2008-06-15 06:43:04
hey guys im taking the dec group in sydney,,but i live in brisbane, aus

id love to have an email group started~..or just have ppl to encourage/support each other
@2008-06-19 05:51:35
hey, im taking the exam in dec in london, alredy registered and took some group activity in poland, any interest, let me know.

whats the whether on Bahamas, dude.

I strongly recommend group meeting once a month on Bahamas left there with your friend "Hardy" :) What do you think guys?
@2008-07-02 11:55:12
hi, pls count me in.

how can i join ?
@2008-07-15 19:42:13
Hello guys...I am taking Level I this December. Would like to join study group do I join?
@2008-07-20 06:51:04
Hi, I am taking the test in Amsterdam but would be included in emails etc.

Kind regards,
Barry van der Laan
@2008-07-24 19:11:17
Hello.......I'd like to join a study group for Dec Level 1 how do I do join?

@2008-07-25 07:31:39
hi,are there some guys taking level l December in lusaka, zambia.we can form a study group.
@2008-07-29 21:54:02
Hi, anyone from Canada /ottawa taking CFA level 1 exam. we can form a study group.
goodluck everyone.
@2008-10-24 16:29:24
Can I join ur study group via email
pls advise on how to join

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