AuthorTopic: CFA Level I Dubai candidates!
@2008-06-11 12:57:51
I am a self-study candidates for CFA Level I in Dubai. Please leave your email below if you are also from the same region. I will contact you as soon as I see your information.
@2008-06-12 10:10:14
i recently took level 1 exam but planin to move to dubai. Did chartered accountancy previously.
self study is really not bad to pass exam i believe.
@2008-06-14 17:16:15
Thanks, expertjet. So how is your Level 1 result?
Do you mind having a discussion on CFA topics in future with me?
@2008-07-02 08:11:12
Hi Siuol,

Likewise yourself am also a self study candidate to take up December 2008 exam. How would you like to connect?
@2008-07-07 19:49:04
hey every body
im enrolled in Dec. you can contact me so we study together and share ideas
just mention the way of contact

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Craig Baugh