AuthorTopic: CFA Level I - Which Section to Start With?
@2013-12-23 23:00:16
Hi All,

Do you have any suggestions for where to start? Ethical and Professional Standards first and just go up on the list with Quantitative Method, Economics, Financial Reporting, etc.?

Or is it better to focus on the Sections with higher weight % first? I'm using AnalystNotes and CFAI readings.

Thank you and hope you all had a nice xmas!
@2014-01-27 22:19:09
I think CFAI does not determine order randomly, so I would follow that.

I started with ethics and ran the whole lot straight through, then finished with another read of ethics. I think that this was a good way to do it. Firstly I had two scheduled reads of ethics (which was needed) and secondly as previously stated the books are designed to be read straight through (the will mention about how some topics will be covered in future reading and they refer back to previous readings to add clarification and further points).

A disclaimer I would definitely recommend this if you have the time to get it done - noting that it is the end of January I would think that it is probably the case.

I hope it helps.
@2014-03-23 07:16:04
I started with eco and fsa... fsa is pretty huge so u'l need quite some time to get done with it...

n plz follow the order of the quants chapters, u need to understand the prev chapter to move ahead.. atleast thats what i thought...n then as manavec said FI and deri come next. it as many times as possible... n like i said in the other post, plz dont ignore GIPS!

but dont neglect other subjects coz of ethics...i had started ethics a lil later down the game... but ended with it like atomic...

good luck :-)
@2019-09-18 17:54:33
I started with the things that were the smallest weight on the exam... I wanted the bigger weighted stuff to be more fresh on my mind. I passed with greater than 70% in every category on my first try :)

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
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