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@2009-03-15 01:56:18

I am new to CFA. Is the curriculam that is provided by the CFA institute enough for the preparation for level1 exam? Or do we need to read other books aswell? Please guide me.

@2009-03-15 20:17:26
This is my first time doing the CFA. I am currently using the Schweser and Analyst notes in addition to the curriculum. There are people who have used only the curriculum from CFA Institute and passed, but yet there are many who depended on the curriculum alone and ended up not passing. For me i will say it depends alot on the individual. Personally, i go with the curriculum and only turn to Analyst notes and Schweser when i feel there is a session the curriculum is not explaining too well. I tend to understand more when i read from other different sources.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt