AuthorTopic: CFA mock exam repetition and final day preparation
@2017-11-07 20:11:00
How do you know where you really stand, if having done several CFA mocks which feature 20-30% repeating questions? Do you consider your scores a reflection of your ability...

Are you doing other mocks? for example, Schweser or AnalystNotes? I'm considering attempting a AnalystNotes mock exam tomorrow morning to get a true gauge and then focus on formulas for the rest of the day.

What are everybody else final day plans?
@2017-11-12 04:03:29
yes, do other mocks, CFAI mock will simply you get accustomed to the way the real exam is likely to be.
@2017-11-15 20:34:59
I've only been doing schweser and analystnotes mocks so far (completed 8 in total). haven't even looked at the CFAI ones yet but going to go through the questions without timing myself. I've heard many people improving their scores on CFAI mock exams but i think that's just because a lot of the questions are repeated. I've done the CFAI topic tests and they repeat as well. I strongly recommend doing a few mocks.
@2019-03-24 03:24:09
Interesting you say that, the first mock I did was a Schweser one which I found easier than the real exam (however this was only one so I'm sure it doesn't speak for all of them.) The AnalystNotes first mock exam was a little harder.

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