AuthorTopic: CFA or CFP? Advice needed
@2010-07-03 01:02:39

I was trying to find out the differences, advantages/disadvantages between a Certified Financial Analyst(CFA) and a Certified Financial Planner(CFP)?

I have an B.S. in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration and I was trying to break into the field of Wealth & Investment Mgmt/Investment Banking/Credit.

@2010-07-03 22:32:39
I would say CFP is for personal finace, most of topics are related to the personal finance likes estate planning, retirement saving, insurance etc. In my opinion, it would be appropriated for any financial advisors to earn this designation. I It is ice to have if ou plan to be in wealth management business.

CFA is more for corpoarte finance, analyst , or fund manager. In my opinion CFA is tougher and need more effort to obtain.

If you hold CFA or CPA , you are entitled to take CFP examine otehrwise there are 6 pre-courses to take likes, estate, insurance, Taxes, Pension & Retirement plans etc.
@2010-07-06 11:15:20
hi i want to do cfa course from icfai this course beneficial for me. how much salary i can get in india after cfa course. pls help me
@2010-07-07 08:42:33
it's good to have both, but I have long way to g to get that

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