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@2009-12-27 04:32:22
nice web site. I'm a little confused. I graduated with a degree in finance, and am now enrolled in an mba program. I dont currently work in the finance field, and I wish to start the process of focusing my future in that direction.
With this background, what will be the better exam for me to prepare for? The CFA or the CFP. And are there any work-related restrictions on taking either exam?
@2010-01-27 17:04:33
It really depends on what your are considering doing post-grad school. If you are interested in working in the Financial Planning/Investment Advisor arena, having a CFP designation may be more appropriate than having the CFA charter (although I do see a lot of investment advisors with the CFA charter). If you are looking to go into Portfolio Management or Investment Banking, the CFA charter definitely opens doors for you.

I believe that work experience in the Investment industry (about 3yrs.) is required for the CFA (although I don't think this keeps you from taking the exam). I would check the CFP website for the requisites for that designation.
@2010-01-28 02:08:19
thank you profet. I am definitely interested in investment banking and think the cfa will be better.
Do you know where I can get information, especially regarding the work experience. I do not want to start preparing for the test and realize that i can't sit the exams
@2010-02-09 04:42:02
I believe that this information is on the CFA Institute website. Again, I don't think that the work experience requirement keeps you from sitting for the exams, but I do believe it keeps you from receiving the charter until you complete this experience requirement.

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