AuthorTopic: CFA poetry
@2011-06-05 11:31:12
I cram using review notes instead of eating lunch,
I look beside me and there's another CFA wannabe butt munch,
I faced too many Quant questions and Ethics queries,
Which made my drive back from the exam all the more dreary.
I know the exam writers enjoy in the folly,
that thousands squirm in the chairs figuring duration by MacCauley.
So, now I can put this behind me for a while,
and wait for the results and other CFAI bile.
@2011-08-05 18:16:25
Another test..that in-cludes Quant
It turns my brain to mushy mess
With high R-squared (but I "regress")

With experience, i must confess
The TRUE deep meaning, called the "F" test

So pour another, give me heart,
Next year, perusing these same cursed charts

Exam are made to prove, I see
The Null Hypothesis...Is Me..
@2012-09-06 02:59:48
There once was a kid form Philly,
Thinking he could pass Level One was silly,
when he got done,
he went to his hun,
and slipped her his one eyed willy.

OHHHH!!! I'll be in Vegas on the 24th.
@2012-09-17 08:33:56
The exam was tuff
There was no fluff
But my performance was buff
Gonna put it in the muff
And wear a french cuff
And try to get ruff
Until I've had enuf
Then I'm gonna go do some other stuff
Like have a Duff
And maybe a puff
@2013-09-21 12:44:49
for my test i surely botched
I shan't thus dwell
about said hell
For I've consumed copious amounts of Scotch!
@2013-09-25 07:52:49
lmao! I love these posts!
@2018-12-07 16:28:07
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Please God let me pass
So I can go to level 2

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