AuthorTopic: CFA Prep Timing
@2017-06-15 04:23:47
Hi all -

If I enroll this coming week for the CFA 1 December exam - do you think its too late to prepare and pass? Shall I aim for the June 2018 exam instead? I heard it takes a year to prepare?

I completed a quantitative/finance bachelors in 2016, seem to remember quite a bit of finance still, but will need to brush up and am unsure if the June exam is too soon? I work full time but can study during the weekends and lunchtimes.

Thanks in advance!
@2017-06-24 19:41:55
You should be fine. You can start with analystnotes study notes they are great in terms of explaining concepts and then you can focus on Qbank.

Practice is the key here.

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