AuthorTopic: CFA questionable (possible discriminotary) practices
@2018-12-01 09:52:24
In my opinion, CFA Institute is using questionable (may be even discriminatory) practices.

I provided CFA Institute with a document issued by Embassy of my country in the United States, which allows me to travel to my home country and at least one more country, which does not require a visa. CFA Institute refused to accept this document as a substitute to international passport because it does not allow “unrestricted travel”

Basically, according to CFA Institute my educational opportunities should depend on the list of the countries I can visit. In my opinion, it is not compatible with US laws, international treaties as well as recommendations of international organizations. Needless to mention that this "unrestricted travel" requirement has nothing to do with the nature of the exam.

In particular, there is UN Convention against discrimination in education. UN promotes equitable access to education, which does not mean "one size fits all"

According to Brown v Board of Education, the right to an equal educational opportunity is one of the most valuable rights you have.

On addition, "unrestricted travel" is a subjective criteria, which is open for an overbroad interpretation.
Approach of CFA Institute can be interpreted as indirect discrimination based on nationality.

CFA Discussion Topic: CFA questionable (possible discriminotary) practices

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Colin Sampaleanu