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@2010-03-25 01:26:00
I heard (like 2 years ago) that CFA Institute was trying to get the CFA to be taken AFTER a masters degree (like MBA) instead of an undergrad like right now. Is this a rumor? Coz if it's true and they pull it off the CFA will be WAY more desired.

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@2010-03-26 02:47:00
I think they should make it more difficult to become a candidate. I took the exam in Chicago and there were at least 1000 people. Granted they all were different levels, but I think it might cheapens the program a little. Figure this year the pass rate was 44%. If they made it harder many of the people who failed would not even bother. That would save CFAI and us a lot of time and money.
I wish they would make it harder as long as their Grandfather in the current candidates!!!
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@2010-03-26 08:27:00
Well, of course...let me get my charter first! Haha....but I think if they ever made it so that you could only take it after an MBA, then it would be so cool
@2010-03-26 16:26:00

You said you got your degree in EE. Why were you interested in becoming a CFA? Will it help you in your current job or do you plan to switch career?

I'll tell you later why I am asking these questions.

@2010-03-29 08:58:00
I would'nt necessarily say, make it so that you had to have a masters degree, but I do feel that there should be some revisions made to who is qualified to acquire their CFA designation. For we must remember some of the richest, smartest, and most powerful people have never seen the inside of a college class room.

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