AuthorTopic: CFA Review Strategy for the last month
@2019-05-14 02:55:37
Hello Everyone,

I am going to be completing reading analystnotes study notes for the last few topics soon and will have a month left over for review. I am currently planning to use the following review strategy for each reading assignment:

1. Read over study notes & CFA Summary

2. Go through blue box questions in CFA books

3. Do basic questions of each subject.

4. Do session review questions (Around 60 per study session)

5. Do EOC questions from CFA books

6. Practice using 10 CFA mock exams

Does this sound like a good strategy? Is anything anything else I should add in? Thanks in advance!
@2019-06-06 15:43:46
Can't comment on AnalystNotes (or any other prep provider), but if you do CFA curriculum blue box and EOC questions, focus on the major areas (FRA, Ethics, Quant) and take multiple practice exams (recommend 6), you should be in pretty good shape.

Good luck on the exam!

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