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@2003-07-01 11:26:23
I'm taking a survey. In your opinion, what will the total compensation be for recently appointed CFA with 3 years of work experience?
@2003-07-09 08:07:38
60k US.
@2003-07-18 22:41:26
I work in investment banking, making lower 6 figures $.......enrolled in the CFA program, cleared Level I this June, thinking when I get CFA, it will at least boost the BASE salary to mid-6 figures $........
now you are telling me, a CFA w/ 3 yrs experience only can get $60K?
That sucks!!!!!
@2003-07-20 19:27:06
It depends where you are in the country. If you are in New York that number is too low, if your in the midwest it's not that low. Mid 6 figures even in NY is pretty damn good in the IB environement. Analysts make less than bankers unless they have a large franchise and have some clout. Just some thoughts.
@2003-07-22 13:41:23
Thanks for ur input......true, location, location, location.........west coast here......I know we should make much more $$$ if in NY.

So, what if I don't really want to be an equity analyst?
What will the CFA help, any other fields?

I am tired of the "Monkey Business" - investment banking......want to sit on the other side of the table....any thought?
@2003-07-23 16:12:53
More or less.....but it IS a "monkey business", no matter where u r:-)....swing into the endless jungle w/ a suit on:-)

I am off two months ago, now sit on the other side of table:-).....otherwise, I cannot imagine I can check and post here, hehe

However, as I posted above, I am still searching........hopefully it won't be ANOTHER endless those two guys wrote the book, .....I am looking for the oasis in the desert, there's hope over there:-)

Any guide here???????????:-)
@2003-08-16 17:41:12
have you found your luck yet, paveway?
@2003-11-15 13:25:28
If you get access to the AIMR job survey book you will get every salary figure under the sun, very useful, but can also be very upsetting.
@2003-11-16 23:58:33
It all depends on many other things other than being a CFA. Like what school did you graduate from, in which department/company/place did you work for the 3 years. In my opinion just b'cos some one is a CFA doesn't mean that he is going to make a ton of money. It all depends on what he/she is other than being a CFA.

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