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@2015-07-12 20:27:12
Any ideas if pursuing a CFA as a second career is a good idea or not. I'm 45, just finished an mba, been in IT for 20 years. IT is not the place to be anymore. Any thoughts would be appreciated. - thanks.
@2015-07-23 15:09:45
I am slightly hesitant to give advice to a man rather older than I, but hopefully the following could be of use.

Having an MBA is great and I am sure this puts you above the rest when it comes to business. I don't suggest you look at CFA as a career but rather as a qualification to assist in your career in finance.
In South Africa, as probably with the rest of the world, the CFA curriculum is highly specialized toward equity analysis, corporate finance and portfolio management. It doesn't feel right categorising this way but if you are going to move into finance completely then be ready to specialise.

@2015-08-20 21:40:49
I am in the same boat as Mtngirl. I've been in IT sales which has been pretty decent as far as pay but I'm bored with it. I have an MBA, early forties and finance is what interests me. I know this is an open-ended question but what can an MBA/CFA with 20+ years business experience (not necessarily finance exp.) expect as a median starting salary? Any ideas out there?

@2015-09-21 10:11:35
Hi All,

I am from IT backgroug with 2 yrs exp.I had a break of 2 yrs.I am planning to for CFA.
Is CFA alone helpful in getting job if you are new to finance.

Thanks in advance,
@2018-11-20 20:09:36
Keith --after 7 years in IT [business liaison] here in California, I posed the same question to an RIA who works in the same building as a couple of my clients. He said not to expect much consideration for experience outside of finance. His office manager told me the same and that she receives a lot of apps from ex-IT guys. Since there are zero CFAI members in my area, they advised starting by leasing office space near a CPA and offering a referral agreement.

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