AuthorTopic: CFA text questions or Practice Exam Q's
@2016-11-27 11:44:17
I posted this but it didnt show up before but....this is it

I will have time to complete all the notes and BASIC questions on this site. After that I have to choose between the Practice Exam questions on here or to complete all the questions in the CFA curriculum book. Do you recommend one of the other?

Also, are the Practice exam questions much more difficult then the Basic questions in the sections?

@2016-12-04 03:22:26
I've had the same issue and my aim is to do all the mock exams on this site purely to get acclimatised to the exam conditions and figure out the best technique to tackling the questions.. Also, I have struggled with Fixed Income II so decided to just do the questions from the curriculum book to take calculated guesses should FI II pop up in the exam. Good Luck!

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!