AuthorTopic: CFA v/s FRM
@2014-09-18 08:41:44
Hi All,
This thread i am creating to just discuss about CFA v/s FRM,i mean in terms of exam difficulties and after exam scope of job in finance field.

Kindly share your views.

@2014-10-06 01:10:44
i think now adays they need the FRM more especially with crises yet the CFA is more general n it focuses on the whole analysis unlike the FRM which focuses on the credit risk only.
@2014-10-19 15:41:52
FRM has 2 exams and only one study guide that includes the syllabus for both exams. PRM is in 4 exams but it recognizes other designations so if you have CFA you have to take only the 3 & 4 exam.
@2018-05-02 10:45:38
I think lavitsa is right.

But what is the differnces between FRM & PRM?

Which one is more worthwhile to invest in ?

CFA Discussion Topic: CFA v/s FRM

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