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@2019-12-20 06:15:23
Hi All,
I have Master in Microelectronics and working since last 2 year in VLSI industry. Since last 2 month I have no job and I was looking for career in Finance domain.
SO I just want to know from you all about it. Actually I have 2 question.
First is that should I switch to Finance field at this moment of my life or stick to my VLSI domain. I mean to ask would it be possible for me to have a successful career in finance or not. will my previous work exp. will count or not?

Second I was confused regarding Actuarial vs CFA? Which will be better for me which I should go for. last year I prepared for Actuarial along with my job and appear for 3 exam in CT series but could't clear a single one. So no I was looking whether I try again for Actuarial or I should go for CFA as actuarial is big program. which one will be better to get a good job easily.

Please help me regarding this so that I can plan accordingly.

Please resolve my all doubts as You have better idea of this field than me.

@2020-01-01 06:55:37
Im just about to finish my Actuarial Degree, and its been extremely hard, as you have seemed to have found out.
Its a catch 22 mate...... if you qualify as an actuary I dont think you'll have a problem getting a job, however you'll need to pass the 8 or so exams, which on average take 7 or more years (bear in mind you need to revise for these whilst you work - and on average people fail several of these, often multiple times).
The good news is you probably wont ever be out of a job etc etc and the quality of your work will be excellent i.e 9-5 as oppose to 18hr days in IB...
You need to ask yourself what you want to do with your CFA... IB, fund management etc??
The CFA is not as prestigious as a qualified actuary, but I wouldnt worry about that if your just trying to get a job in finance, as Actuaries are rare.
I've got an interview in the next week for an actuarial job, but im hedging my bets with taking a year out and doing CFA jsut to get on the rung of a big bank. I dont think i've really helped you much but just giving you my opinion with regards to my choice. Good Luck.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz