AuthorTopic: CFA vs. GMAT
@2016-05-17 12:47:30
To the people who have taken both CFA and GMAT.Which one do you think is harder and why. I'm planning to take the GMAT and would like feedback from you guys to better gauge the study. Thanks!
@2016-05-24 10:37:31
Are you serious? I didn't even had to study for the GMAT!I actually got some drinks with my spanish friends the day before...
@2016-05-28 09:41:45
Certainly CFA is harder. GMAT is nothing and don't require you to prepare for it at all - just use your common sense. CFA - at least 250 hours of work, hard work!
@2016-06-18 13:37:15
Comparing Apples with Oranges!

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You have a wonderful website and definitely should take some credit for your members' outstanding grades.
Colin Sampaleanu

Colin Sampaleanu