AuthorTopic: CFA with MBA Finance from India
@2008-04-13 08:24:05
I am currently working in Capgemini as a SAP consultant for the past 8 months after graduating as a computer engineer last year.
But I am more interested in finance.
I have secured admission in MBA in finance in India .
Should I go for a CFA degree alongwith my MBA ?How will help me in my career?
Thanks for your help
@2008-04-14 15:43:35

It will definately be value addition to your profile. But you already pursuing for MBA managing you work, you need to contentrate either of the area, because thought CFA is not tough, it not even as simple as you might be thinking.
@2008-05-01 07:24:22
u should go the the MBA FINANCE it will lace u with good job offers
@2008-05-06 17:05:22
get the MBA FIRST you can always come back for the CFA while working.

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