AuthorTopic: CFA Worthwhile?
@2019-06-05 11:27:34
I have a question and I'd like opinions from those in the financial community. Should I continue with the CFA?

I'm currently a summer associate at a law firm in New York. Assuming everything goes as it should my starting salary post law school will be 145k + bonus. I am taking my CFA level I in 2 days ... I am not sure whether I will pass and am thinking about whether I should continue the (grueling) CFA curriculum. I love investing and desperately want to become a great investor. I also want to build a strong financial foundation while I'm young.

Will continuing with the CFA put me in position where I can transfer to a finance job that won't require a pay cut? I assume, with yearly salary increases, the job would need to pay about 250k a year (that's including the bonus). Any other lawyers/CFAs out there who faced this predicament?
@2019-06-08 01:41:52
No, but maybe I can rethink law school.
@2019-08-29 10:35:54
Same here- Law School sounds a lot more, lucrative (??).
@2020-01-08 05:43:26

I need some advice regardign the career in CFA, iam an MBA in finance,Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Financial Management as well, having 6 years of working experience as an Accountant/Financial Accountant.I dont have much knowledge and experience in portfolio investment.Is it beneficial for me to do CFA for a good future??

please do reply with your valuable comments/advice.


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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!