AuthorTopic: CFAcenter is a great site
@2002-09-03 12:56:00
For Mike and his friends who put together this website, thank you for your efforts and enthusium! This is a great website!!!!
@2002-09-06 12:55:00
i agree..can't wait for everything to be up and running..the site has a nice professional yet friendly feel to it...good job guys...........hey if you need any help of any kind let me know......will work for free if it's exciting enough......again good job....
@2002-11-07 03:46:26
guys .. your site is very usefull. THANK YOU.
keep it up.
@2002-11-22 19:32:49
I love free resources. Thank you.

CFA Discussion Topic: CFAcenter is a great site

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