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@2018-07-09 05:32:35

I will be taking cfa lvl 1 exam this December.
I want to ask you guys which notes (CFAI ones or AnalystNotes) are more suitable for exam preparation.

Thanks for ur opinion in advance
@2019-07-12 10:29:42
I personally went for only AnalystNotes Study Notes. I started studying in March for level I in June, so I took one look at the CFAI texts and said, "I have no time for this crap." AnalystNotes was a lifesaver and explained the material quite well, though I would imagine you would get a more thorough understanding of the material from reading the CFAI texts. Since you have the time, I would read both AnalystNotes and the CFAI texts.
@2019-07-13 20:12:36
I went through CFAI material, it helps me a lot since I don't have finance background. The book is huge, but it gives a big picture, especial explains why questions very well.

My second round is on the Analystnotes, it fits perfect with the CFAI books because it is very concise.

These two sort of like relationship between test book and power point notes. If you know the stuff very well, you can go to the PP notes directly, if you don't have the background required, you probably want to read the book first otherwise you might be lost by only go through the notes.

Also, it depends on your time constraint.
@2020-01-15 04:12:18
If you have the time i would suggest reading both but like JaneGS posted earlier read selectively from CFAI. CFAI tends to go on and on about something that can easily be explained in a few paragraphs, which sometimes over-complicates easy subjects.

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