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@2007-10-24 14:25:18
I am just started preparing CFA exam just wondering how much salary I can expect or we need to have some other qualifications or experiences.Please share your views on this.
@2007-10-28 18:20:53
you know the ans any one would really give would very much depend on the standard of where you intend to work.
@2008-05-30 03:26:28
just being a CFA candidate does not increase salary, being a candidate would mean that you're seriously interested in finance career
@2008-07-01 16:08:49
If I works in Singapore the average salary if I got CFA 1

Thanks you very.
@2008-07-03 03:27:32
Hanga, To pass CFA I think you need to brush on your English first.
@2008-07-05 22:07:24
..."brush on your english"
@2008-07-09 14:17:52
this is ridiculous, exactly, even the posts suggesting candidates "brush on" their English are horrible . I have no qualms with the increase in candidates attempting to take the exams, but geez, it seems that so many of these people would be better off considering an English As a Second Language course.

There is no assured salary with any of the CFA distinctions. I agree with the post that posits that the charter aids professionals with some experience within investment management. Unfortunately, the reality is that passing CFA exams currently will add little to your candidacy/profile for positions in IM with most firms.
@2008-07-25 22:14:21
Check this url. You will find a report by CFAI which gives statistics about CFA's salaries.
@2017-06-06 10:43:58
I think the CFA Official website posts the different salary levels with the different positions (i.e. portfolio manager, research analyst)

Check that out!
@2017-08-06 06:36:57
Hii, I'm preparing for CFA level 1 exam, and wondering if it's easy to get jobs in forex market in UAE as I have very good knowledge of Forex trading and want to start my career with big forex brokers, so can anyone let me know that is there any opportunity in forex trading for CFA level 1 person.

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