AuthorTopic: Cheap TextBooks in China?
@2002-10-21 10:08:00
I just found out that somebody bought L1 textbooks at Wangfujing Bookstore in Beijing. I heard that prices of those books are a lot cheaper than normal retail price.
Is there any ways I can purchase them on the web from overseas?
@2002-10-23 14:31:00
those books are international edition.
They can't sell those in the us (if that is where you from)legally.
@2002-10-24 03:32:00
so what's the difference in international edition?
aren't they same books?
I am currently working in Australia. Book price here and US is very expensive.
Any tips on buying textbooks and study notes at cheaper price?
@2002-10-24 05:59:00
The Citic Publisher in China has purchased the right to publish certain CFA books in China, the price for these books are about RMB 100 per book.
Not expensive at all compared those sold in us, right?
@2002-10-25 20:52:00
What is RMB?? Is it CNY Chinese Currency?
Also how about Malaysia Singapore and Hongkong?
If anyone knows about these three countries, let me know ASAP where to buy and how much they are.....
coz I am on a trip to these countries next week....

Please let me know about study notes(schweser) as well....
@2002-10-25 22:03:00
In regards to purchasing books in Australia, the cheapest way is to order them through a University book store...its still fairly expensive, but far cheaper than order from the U.S via internet.

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