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@2003-04-02 12:46:21
I think the price for your services is good,but the strategy that you used to gain members is cheap.Please remove all the sentences that say that this site is for free.I think you have betrayed the spirit of the website and if you have invested a lot of money to build it and now you want to make a profit out of ti, why didn't you said that from the beginning, why did you compare this site to the rest of the paying site as if you were different, better and more honest???
Thank you anyway, I will think about the payment,
@2003-04-02 20:33:45
This strategy is used by many web sites in this world: free for a while to get traffic and then charge fees later. We are not the inventor of this strategy.

Yes we are different compared to other sites. We have indicated clearly at the begining that the site is open to paid members from March 24 to May31.

Keep thinking about the payment......and thank you for the comment.


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